RF/Microwave Signal Generator MG362x1A

Frequency Range 9 kHz to 20/43.5 GHz
Frequency Resolution 0.001 Hz
SSB phase noise -136 dBc/Hz (typ) and -140 dBc/Hz (measured) @ 10 GHz output, 10 kHz offset
Internal time base stability – Aging < ±2 x 10E-8 per year with option 0003
< ±1 x 10E-9 per year with option 0056
Reference frequency input/output 10 MHz, 100 MHz and 1.6 GHz
Output power -130 dBm to +20 dBm (20 GHz standard output)
-130 dBm to +18 dBm (43.5 GHz, standard output)
Level accuracy and flatness +/- 1 dB (43.5 GHz)
Harmonics (20/43.5 GHz) -58 dBc
Non harmonics (20/43.5 GHz) -63 dBc
Modulation AM, FM, PM and Pulse
Pulse modulation: min pulse width <10 ns (Unleveled)
Pulse modulation: Rise/Fall times 5 ns (typical)
LF signal Generator waveforms Sine, square, pulse, triangle, ramp, GN/UN noise
Frequency sweep modes Step, List
Frequency sweep width 9 kHz to full frequency range (step, list)
Power sweep Step and List

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