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Shiksha Telecom was set-up in 2018. However, the management team and other team members have a history in RF industry from the year 2003. In the year 2018, the team and assets were set-up into the new entity under the name of: Shiksha Telecom. 2003: Started supply of RF Connector, RF Cable, RF Adaptor, and Antenna to Indian/Overseas market from the previous organization.
2012: Started supply of Solar Connector, Solar Cable, installation to Indian/Overseas market from the previous organization 2018: Start a new organization with state of art facility in New Delhi for Antenna and Cable Assembly, manufacturing, we believe in “make in India” and it is our endeavor to support this campaign by contributing our little bit.

Is to be the customers first choice & leader in offering spares & solutions with satisfied services. Our aim is to improve our services up to customers satisfaction. Where Quality Assures Performance We are committed in deliver the Best Commitement.
With our experience & expertise we are able to supply HARD TO FIND RF Components Spares from our supply chain throughout the world. Our company is committed towards delivering the best quality products
  • One-stop purchase help you reduce purchase 15% cost.
  • Help customers find the non-standard products
  • Delivery Time 2~15 days, On-Time Delivery.
  • OEM/ODM services.
  • Free samples will be sent for your evaluation.
If you have bought products of poor quality before, if you have been deceived before, then try to cooperate with Shiksha Telecom. Buying our products is like buying insurance, so you can rest assured that without compromising anything.

RF Co-axial Connector:

DIN, N ,4.3-10,4.3-95 SMA, SMB,SMC,SMP,SAA,SSMA ,SSMB,BNC, TNC,MCX, MMCX,FME, F, TQ, BQ,BMA,SMZ,UHF,1.85mm. 2.4mm,2.92mm,3.5mm, HN, QMA,,CRC9,UFL,L9 ,C,RCA,UY .

RF Coaxial Cable:

LMR 100, LMR195, 200, LMR240, LMR 300, LMR 400, LMR 600, 1/2” Flex , 1/2” Super Flex , 1/4 “ Flex, 1/4” Super Flex , 7/8″Copper , 7/8 “ Aluminum, 1-5/8 Copper, RG174, RG 316,RG179,RG188,RG178,RG58,RG59,RG213,RG214, RG217, BT3002, RG400, RG142, RG141

RF Coaxial Adaptor:

All kind of adaptor including DIN, N, SMA, TNC, N, BNC, 4.3-10, UHF, F


Patch Panel Antenna, Bulb Omni Antenna, Yagi Antenna, GPS Antenna, GSM Antenna, Whip Antenna, MIMO Antenna, LPDA Antenna, 4G Antenna , 3G Antenna, Wi-Fi Antenna , RFID Antenna, VHF Antenna, HF Antenna.

IBS Accessories:

Power Splitter, Directional Coupler, Combiner, Diplexer, LTE injector, DC Blocker, Attenuator, Surge arrester, Dummy load

Cable Assembly:

Customized Solution available with good quality and Test Report up to 18 GHz.

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