N Male to N Female BH Surge Arrestor DC 3 GHz

Characteristics Impedance 50 ohm
Frequency Range DC-3GHz / DC-6GHz
Voltage 90V / 220V / 250V / 350V
Protection Gas Discharge Tube / 1/4 wavelength
Insertion Loss < 0.1dB@3GHz/ < 0.2dB@6GHz
Return Loss < -26 dB
Max Surge Voltage Let Through 200 mV
Through Put Energy <5 nJ
Max Power 50 W
Max Current Load 10A
Nominal Discharge Current (kAMP) 5
Max Discharge Current (kAMP) 20
Impulse Current (kAMP) 2.5
VSWR ≤1.1 @DC-3GHz/≤1.15 @DC-6GHz
Contact Resistance Center Contact ≤ 0.2 mΩ
Outer Contact ≤ 0.4 mΩ
Durability Mating cycles ≥500
Material & Plating
Material Plating
Body Brass Ni
Insulator PTFE –
Center conductor Phosphor bronze Au
Coupling nut Brass Ni
Washer Brass Ni

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