C-Band CPR-137G Twisted Flexible Waveguide

C-Band CPR-137G Twisted Flexible Waveguide

Flexible and twistable rectangular waveguides are used in a wide variety of satcom, VSAT and telecom applications that carry high frequency radio (microwave communications) signals. Flexible waveguides are manufactured from helically wound silver plated copper alloy strip material which allows the waveguides to twist and bend in the E and H planes simultaneously. The flexible waveguide core is protected from the environment by a molded neoprene rubber jacket providing durability and full axis of motion over the operating temperature range of –20 to +100 degrees Celsius.

WR137 Twistable/ Flexible Waveguide
Flange Type: F1: CPR 137 Grooved (CPRG), F2: CPR137 Grooved (CPRG), with Thru Holes. Neoprene Jacket, Flange Material: Brass, Unplated, Irridited & Polished
Mounting Hardware
3ft long to 6ft lon

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