1-5/8″ LDF CABLE

Max. Operating Frequency 2.7 GHz
Capacitance 75 pF/m
Impedance 50 Ω
Inductance 0.19 μ H/m
Velocity of Propagation 89%
Insulation Resistance > 5 x 10³ MΩ / Km
Inner Conductor DC Resistance 1.37 Ω / 1000 m
Outer Conductor DC Resistance 0.39 Ω / 1000 m
Cable Weight 1.13 kg/m
Max. Pull Strength 250 daN
Min. Bending Radius (single) 200 mm
Min. Bending Radius (repeated) 400 mm
Operating Temperature -55 to +80ºC
RoHS Compliant Inner Conductor Corrugated Copper 17.7 mm
Dielectric Gas Injected PE 43 mm
Outer Conductor Corrugated Copper 46.6 mm
Jacket Black PE 50 mm

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